Skull Duggery Video Slot

There’s definitely more than a bit of skull duggery about this video slots game, but believe us: that’s a good thing! The game has been appropriately named Skull Duggery Video Slot, and its pirate-based theme is just the ideal solution if you find many of the current slot offerings somewhat lacking.

There is certainly nothing lackluster about Skull Duggery Video Slot. In fact, the bold colorful graphics and the awesome sound effects delivered in crystal clear quality–plus the high spirited adventure theme–make this possibly one of the best slot game offerings in the RiverBelle Casino portfolio of stellar games. More find here on these special casino slots. Or you can check out free slots for bonuses you can use to play the game.

Skull Duggery Video Slot is a 5 reel, 9 payline slots game with a host of winning features such as a wild symbol, a scatter symbol, and a bonus feature with “Pick X of Y” functions. The result is a game that offers numerous chances to win and an exciting enough gameplay to ensure that you keep at it!