Tsar Video Slots

Explore the Empire of the Eastern with the wonders of the newest video slots game available through Platinum Play Casino’s called Days of the Tsar. If you love beautifully designed video slots and want a historic adventure then you will be ever so enthralled with the Days of the Tsar video slot machine game.

This way of playing at casino slot machine has taken on many aspects that you will see in other slot machines except now you can enjoy the wonders of video slot machines with the great graphical details included into Days of the Tsar. The video slot game is full of many great features that is has attracted so much attention that people are starting to play Days of the Tsar even more. People can now receive free video slots spins on this video slot machine game when you simply succeed in the winning of a minimum of three scattered Faberge egg symbols that have been included into the game.

Bet Your Way to Happiness

Finding video slot games no longer has to be a huge struggle when you’ve discovered Platinum Play Casino. They have now new promotions at online video slots Days of the Tsar game to play this great game with a minimum bet of 0.01 and going all the way up to 500.00. Now everyone can experience Days of the Tsar with the huge betting range that has been made available for all the players.

Days of the Tsar has taken on the usual five reel game set up that most slot machines have inherited since creation with a total of twenty five pay lines available. You can place twenty coins onto one pay line at a time. This allows everyone to play several lines at a time with the option to play only a few or all the lines.

There is much possibility available when you play Days of the Tsar video slots. If you enjoy winning money but don’t like spending a lot of money you are in luck. You can now have the chance to double and even quadruple your winnings when you take part in the action of the Days of the Tsar video slots. Wouldn’t that be a lot of excitement for you? Winning money is always a blast especially when you are having fun.

Enjoy all the Free Spins You Can Get

Winning twenty-five free slots spins can be one of the best features offered on Days of the Tsar video slots. There is a maximum of twenty-five free spins though so you can only get so many free spins per game. Having the ability to use free spins is great; it will now allow you to win money without actually spending some money. Free money is astounding and doing something you love while getting it is even better.

Platinum Play Casino’s is offering you a marvellous game that all experience levels can enjoy. It no longer matters if you are a pro slot player or brand new, you will quickly catch on to what your expected to do and have a blast doing it. Play Days of the Tsar today and enjoy it for a long time coming. Video slots can be quite addicting and having one like days of the Tsar to get addicted to is even better.